Have you ever thought about just how designed our bodies are to go with the flow? After all, the human body is thought to be about 50-75% composed of water. Our skin and organs are elastic and can withstand immense trauma. Even our bones, for the most part, are pretty flexible. Then why, WHY, do I find it so difficult to just “relax”, “go with the flow”, “be flexible” (all of these statements said with the voice of someone chronically addicted to pot).

My thoughts become inflexible. My behaviors become static and habitual. My attitudes become unchangeable and stale. All of these thoughts, behaviors and attitudes are in opposition to my Divine nature. No wonder it doesn’t feel good when I have acting that way.

If I recognize that I am designed to be fluid and dynamic then all of these inflexibilities could just “chill” a bit. Even my shoulders just relaxed a little as I stated this. Perhaps I need a post-it on my mirror “I AM a Flexible, Dynamic, Divine Being” just as a reminder. Every time I drink some water I am going to remember my true nature.

Today, I am fluid, flexible and relaxed. I expand like Universal expansion and see that even the breath is a reminder of this nature. I am grateful for my breath and my reminders of my nature. I AM a Flexible, Dynamic, Divine Being. I AM mostly water. I Go with the Flow.

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