I was reflecting on a friend of mine who decided that life was too hard, too challenging, too dark, and not worth it. He made the very conscious choice to end his life. When I found out about it I was devastated. I knew his mother and his father, I knew the struggles that he had in his life and felt deeply for him because I so identified with his story. I too came to that same fork in the road a time or two. What I was struck with was the notion that he had no idea just how special he was to the whole picture. He probably thought no one would even miss him. But I know that there are people who miss the physical him every day and I count myself in their number.

But what about the metaphysical being that was that boy? Where is that essence? The easy answer and actual answer is “right here.” In these words his likeness and being are inspired. His message is to be comfortable in being yourself. His message is to love deeply from within and let your light shine for all to see no matter what you might think people think of you. What a beautiful message. My only wish is that he had heard it. These physical bodies we roll around in are just vehicles for great thoughts, feelings and ideas. Without these physical bodies there is no earthly way to hold onto those intangible essences.

Perhaps it is our only task on this earth is to stay whole so we transport ideas where they most need to be. We are the actual vessels that hold the idea of God and share that idea with others through our physical selves. THAT makes each of us VITAL and IMPORTANT. YOU are that task. No matter what you think you are the truth is that you are sacred.

Today, I recognize my Universal worth. I realize that I AM That Vital Important You. I breathe into my task today to be a vessel for the Divine Idea and I allow my actions to take root according to my task. I AM IMPORTANT. Check me out!

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