If you want some really interesting reading, look up “where did the word God come from?” in a google search. In it you will see all sorts of interesting origins, Germanic, Babalonian, 6th Century, Pagan, this mis-spelling, that mis-spelling all thought to be the origin of possibly the most frightening and misunderstood word in the English language.

It even says “to pour” or “to libate,” that would have been a definition that I could have gotten behind in my earlier days. No where in the definitions does it say some “super scary beard and robe clad dude passing judgement from a cloud chair” yet when you say “God” to some people that is immediately where the mind goes. My best understanding of the word “God” is that it is a call to look into the oneness of all Life.

It is more of a sound than a thing. It is a utterance that has a hard start G’ a long dive into the Universal soul “aaaahhhh” and a hard stop, ‘d to have beginning middle and end. This way everyone is invited into their own definition of the oneness in the midst of the “aaaahhh.” No longer is it necessary to be caught up or frightened of someone else’s definition of the sound of this word. I have my own. So do you. The wonderful thing is that inside of the oneness of the Universe is room for ALL to have their very own understanding of this wonderful sound – GOD!

Today, I look for the Oneness of the Universe and use the sacred vocalization to dive deep into my own mind. I realize that I have EVERY right to have my own thoughts and ideas about the mystery. I am grateful for this right and celebrate it now. I know that my right begins and ends with Love. I AM a wonderful unique expression of the Universe. I AM an explorer.

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