I found out yesterday that frustration is not necessarily a bad thing. I was taught that frustration can be the heralding of a greater breakthrough into the mystical solution for life. That actually makes it sound awesome. Why then does it feel so tight and crunchy? Why does it make me so irascible (I love this word)?

The truth is that it does not HAVE to make me do anything, especially if I see frustration for what I was told it was…a breaking through and expansion of my selfishness into something greater. Still it makes me frustrated to have to feel it…frustration…and down the rabbit hole go I. This is like beating myself up for doing a less than perfect job at something except beating myself up is NOT going to break me throw to something greater.

If I breathe and recognize that the feeling in my body is simply the cracking open of consciousness and then celebrated this feeling as something special yet-to-be I am relieved when I feel this feeling. How sweet it is to find simple comfort in the complexity – When I am frustrated, I can relax because there is something amazing coming!

Today, I recognize the simplicity of it all. As I try and try to make things in my life complex and tumultuous I realize the Sun comes up and then sets each day with simplicity. My breath is easily inhaled and exhaled and I can relax in the Divine simplicity. I AM Serene. I AM at Peace. The mystical is breaking through in my life.

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