I was asked in an interview the other day, “what does intention mean to you?” The answer is clear and easy for me. Intention to me is an unseen metaphysical force which is easily directed by our thoughts, words and deeds. It is part of the couplet that makes things happen – Intention & Attention. Intention is as simple as moving from “going” to do something to actually doing it. Recently, I was reflecting on my friend who just graduated from College. He talked about the desire to go back to school, soon he was declaring he was going to go back to school, later still he stated he was going to school, then in school. I was tearful when I just saw pictures on Facebook of him beaming in a cap and gown. Intention is driven by our idea of what we desire and then OUR power of putting it into action.

The powerful thing about intention is that it will not take things personal – it is just a force. This same man tried to go to school before but he had set other intentions about using drugs that steered him away from his true desire. It is imperative that our actions line up with our desires and words for the intended result, because you will always get the intended result (just maybe not the one you thought you wanted). What do you truly desire in your life?

Do your words match up with those desires? Do you tell people about the problems of the past (attention) or do you share about the glories of the future? Are your actions each a commitment to your intention or are you trying to sneak around yourself? In the first thoughts of the day set your intention for your day and for your life.

Today, I recognize the Universal power of Intention knowing that it is at work, like gravity, no matter what I do. I realize that I can and do direct this power with the tendency of my thoughts, words, and deeds. I make a commitment to myself to be mindful of Intention and be grateful for the unfolding of my life. I AM Grateful. My life unfolds perfectly. My desires are rushing to meet me.

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