Do you ever feel like just pressing pause? It actually doesn’t matter whether things are going great or miserable, sometimes you just want to freeze time and breathe. I was reflecting about all of the things in my life today, as I sometimes do, and realized just how busy it all seems. It actually is a very dangerous train of thought usually followed by “what can I cut out of my life?”

The truth is that I have consciously and methodically built a life that I love. I love my family, my husband, my puppies, my friends. I love my career or careers. I love the service work that I do and the places where I serve the community.

What I don’t love is how tight I hold on to things sometimes. I don’t enjoy how rigid I get with the way I think things should be. Sometimes I want to just hit a pause button so that I can get my own feelings, emotions, attitudes and words in check so that I am not causing wreckage. I enjoying being busy and I enjoy being healthy. I understand that they manner in which I hold on to busy has a direct relationship with how healthy I am spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Today, I recognize the fullness of Life itself and celebrate it beauty and potential. I realize that all of my own life is a choice and I am not a victim to it. I am grateful that I can stop, breathe, meditate and continue at any moment of the day and get a renewed attitude on all of it. I breathe in Peace. I exhale worry. I AM Serene.

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