If you listen very closely and feel into the vibration of the Universe you will find that there is a quickening of Love. Look for it, listen for it, expect it because it IS there. Even some of the most stalwart individuals are beginning to soften to its healing power.

It used to be that everywhere I turned I would hear voices of hatred and violence. I would find the gruff and jarring sounds of a frustrated world full of incompletion and confusion. This time in my life is different. The hate, violence, gruff and jarring sound oddly out of place.

There is no community agreement with the tone and tenor of that message yet instead, there is a softness, kindness, love and acceptance that fills the void of the ebbing tide of discontent. I can bear witness to this Love and Acceptance and then I can be Love’s mouthpiece and speak words of kindness and joy. This is my choice today. I choose to surrender to Love.

Today, I recognize that Love really has no opposite. There is nothing that is going to break it down or diminish it. I realize that there is no healing power to hate and there is no way to hate the world to wholeness. The world is already whole and Love is being uncovered more and more every day. I AM LOVE. I AM Whole. I AM Enough.

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