AHHHHHHHH! I really don’t like being depressed, or in a bad mood, or blue or whatever that doesn’t feel good AND I like to go fast! I am not talking about risk-taking go fast (that is probably writing for another time). What I am referring to is that I don’t want the process of getting out of the doldrums to be a slow process.

Remember in Star Trek when the ship would go into warp and the whole picture would bend and the ship would appear in some faraway place. THAT is what I want for my mood to change. For those who don’t remember or know Star Trek (I am sure there might be a few) think about the State Farm advertising. “Like a good neighbor…” poof good mood! I have found a powerful force in the Universe that works like Warp Drive – Gratitude. I make every effort to start my day with it which is why I have very few “bad days.”

Just as an example of the healing power of gratitude, I wake up in the morning sometimes with that weird foot pain and as I walk I repeat “thank” with one step and “you” with the other and the foot pain disappears – as if by magic. What pain can disappear from your life by saying this simple prayer? What bad mood are you willing to let go of quickly by saying those two words? What new experience are you willing to go where no person has gone before by using your Warp Drive and saying Thank You.

Today, I know that the Universal power of Gratitude is blindingly fast. I realize that it is my use of this power that makes all of the difference in my life and can make a difference in the lives of those around me. I choose to say Thank You out loud and demonstrate that I am willing to be willing to be uplifted. I AM Grateful now! Thank You.

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