Have you ever noticed the similarities in many of the world’s spiritual traditions? You will always find elements of Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity even Freedom. What I am drawn to is the truth that I draw into my life that which I hold in consciousness and nothing more.

This is one of those “Good News/Bad News” things. For Instance, I spent some time recently being really frustrated and even angry. Guess what I got more of…reasons to be frustrated and angry. It wasn’t until I did some mental work AND started focusing on Joy and Love that things started to change.

I was careful not to focus on the things that were angering me because that only puts my consciousness on the anger. You cannot mad yourself happy. I realize some really big basic truths about my life in this process: my destination is not abundance or prosperity but Joy, unspeakable Joy. My path is not toil or hard work but Love, pure, heart-felt Love. I can stop my search outside myself for my Joy and know that one the path that is Love I arrive at Joy.

Today, I recognize that the Universe exists as a power for my desires. I realize that my feelings, thoughts, actions and words demonstrate my true desire and my life manifests from there. I have the power to change my thinking by changing the path that I walk. I Walk a Path of Love to Joy as my destination. I AM Love. I AM Joy. How Sweet Life Is.

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