How do you know if your life is on the right path? Ever wonder that? If the answer is no then you are either on the right path in life or you have not gotten to a point of caring about the path yet. When I was in my 20’s I rarely even thought about my future or what I was doing in life. I blissfully focused on the day in front of me and happily trusted that all would be fine and it is.

However, now that I am “older” I frequently wonder about my path in life. What I have come to believe about my life is that the right path is rarely about money, property or prestige. I am resistant to call the other path “wrong” because there will always be a way back. Perhaps “Long” path is more apropos. A change in direction is as simple as a new choice, a new attitude, or a new countenance.

The right path is about Intention and Attention. “Right” shows up as a feeling you get when you are showing up in your life. There is a joyousness that comes over you and transmits from you. Others can see it as you can feel it. In the quiet time of meditation ask yourself, “am I on the right path?” Then breathe in and out through your nose and prepare for the answer. The next action is up to you. Remember that it is resistance that causes pain.

Today, I recognize that the Universe is expressing perfectly through my life. I don’t resist my life today yet make room for agreement with the work that is mine to do. I am buoyed by gratitude knowing that in Love I take all right action. My life is Perfection. I AM on the Right Path.

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