I was thinking the other day about Grace. Do I have Grace? Am I graceful? How on earth would I know? I started to think about images of graceful people (in my estimation), the Hollywood starlet, for instance, who is given a compliment and just smiles shyly and says “thank you.” I juxtapose this with people I know in certain circles who when I say “great to see you” they say “it’s good to be seen.” This response has always given me pause. Not graceful.

When I dig deeper into my “feelings” about this juxtaposition I find that Grace comes from a state of humility and gratitude. It is a beauty that shines from within out and shows up like confidence or poise but not arrogance and posturing. Grace is easy and delicate like a swan gliding across a still lake. Grace is elegant and peaceful even in the midst of chaos.

When I am grateful I invite Grace to come into my heart and my life becomes an out-picturing of peace, poise, elegance and confidence. Wow, this sounds way better than the anger and frustration that I have been trying to control my life with in the past.

Today, I breathe into Grace. I recognize that Grace is the ever-present nature of gratitude and serenity that I see everywhere (when I look for it). I realize that it is my responsibility to seek Grace out and welcome Grace in through my relationship with Life. I AM Present in a state of Gratitude. I AM Peace.