It is so easy to recognize struggle when things are hard. Life feels hard, heavy, almost too much. Sometimes you feel like struggle will break you and your boundaries are pushed right to the limits. Perhaps you may even “break.” Funny thing is though that when you look back on struggles you find yourself in thoughts like “that wasn’t so hard,” and “that was the best thing that ever happened.”

But what about good struggles? We are constantly judging struggles as “bad” and “hard.” I remember when I was making a job change and I had to choose to stay in a field that I was really good at making really good money or change to a career that I was pretty good at (getting better) and the money was a big unknown. I remember agonizing about this “struggle” – this good choice or that good choice. I chose very wisely and consciously. What I have come to realize in life is that struggles are a propulsion in my life and not something to be afraid of or frustrated by.

Every great celebration in my life started out as a struggle! Struggles are like little seeds of hope planted in a life of possibilities.

Today, I recognize that the Universe conspires for my good because there is no other way. Sometimes it might not “feel” good and it feels like I am struggling but this is just the Universe’s way of recalibrating my path. I realize that it is when I am in resistance, self-will and trying to force my desires to fit in my life that I feel like I am struggling and all of that is a choice. I am free to choose different at any time and surrender to hope and possibilities. I AM Free to Choose. I AM Hope.