Lately I have been inspired by the notions of change and choice and how interrelated these two things are. It is a constant process of action and reaction, right? But what exactly is choice? I was listening to one of my spiritual teachers recently who said, “enjoy this choiceless moment.”

My brain kicked into high gear. What did he mean by that? Of course I have choice. What would my life be like without choice? I spun for a while until I relaxed into the thought, what if today was lived out by yesterday’s choices? What if there were NO decisions to be made and the entire plan for the day was already mapped out by you yesterday? Would you just enjoy the day, could you? It takes the pressure off right? I breathe in and breathe out and do the stuff that I put on the plan yesterday and just recognize that my previous choices are driving my present moment. This has the potential to be peaceful, a choiceless day.

Zoom in to a choiceless moment. I can have the same peace. I have no decisions to make in this moment or any individual moment. I have no worry, fret, anxiety or need in any individual moment. Subsequently, the choices that I do make impact future moments but not this one. This one is perfect. The secret is in how I show up in each moment. Choices made in the essence and environment of Love, Gratitude and Appreciation are bound to manifest better impacts than choices made from fear. I can spend the choiceless moments recognizing all the ways that Love, Gratitude and Appreciation show up in my life and the future unfolding of my life from this recognition is bound to be amazing.

Today, I recognize the beauty and perfection in the Universal Now. I know that everything I need for this moment is bountifully supplied by the most abundant source of all. I realize that my job is Joy, my duty is Gratitude, my life is Love and my moment is Freedom. I AM this Moment.

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