Recently, I have been thinking a lot about unworthiness. Not as some way to sit and stew in feeling unworthy but for the means of deconstructing what unworthiness is all about. For me, unworthiness is not a one faceted feeling but instead is a compilation of many other feelings.

Just consider the word worth, worthy, or worthwhile for instance. For something to be worthwhile it needs to be fun, beneficial, energizing, enlightening and exciting; just to name some descriptions that go into worth. So for unworthiness to take shape we also need some ingredients to mix into the stew, things like; shame, regret, remorse, anger, self-pity and fear. Sounds like a bitter stew, right? In order for me to deconstruct the feeling of unworthiness, I need to remove or dilute the essential ingredients; like shame, anger and self-pity.

I look for ingredients to add to my life that will counteract or neutralize these feelings. Self-esteem, Love, and transparency are three that immediately come to mind. Doing things which build up my self-esteem; estimable acts, speaking and acting with Love, and living with openness where there are no hidden secrets are ways to dilute the stew of unworthiness. It is not easy. It takes vigilance. It takes perseverance and it takes being patient with yourself.

Today, I recognize that the Universe desires me to feel worthy all the time. I know that it is up to me to take action to deconstruct any messages that get in the way of Universal Desire. I accept my work and know that it takes courage and vigilance to change. I AM Worthy of Love. I AM Worthy of Esteem. I AM allowed to Live out loud.

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