Do you ever wake up in the morning with big plans for the day? I am going to get some writing done and exercise, take the dogs for a walk, go visit a friend, write a letter, water the garden and THEN watch some TV. Only to find yourself having accomplished exactly nothing from your list as you sit in front of the TV mindlessly getting “entertained.” Then in a flash of remembrance during some Cialis commercial you recall all of the things you meant to do but didn’t and then you take the opportunity to mentally berate yourself for having failed, not just today but EVERYDAY.

I might be the only person who does this but in case I am not, here is where I went wrong…I turned on the TV instead of the computer, the treadmill, the car, or the water. I sat on the couch instead of walking the dogs or writing a letter. It is all about the actions I took and the ones that I did not take. It is all about action! Even as I write this I realize that when I am done I have a choice to sit on the couch or put on my running shoes. I guess the point is that the choice is mine, the actions are mine, and the outcomes are mine.

So who is berating whom? Perhaps at some level I want to be called a failure and without anyone else around I have to do the deed myself. That just sounds ludicrous. Who WANTS to be called a failure? Again, it is action that speaks louder than desire. If I am telling myself that I am a failure, then I am desiring it. This is where it can stop. Do you truly want success? Do you want to be loving, kind, compassionate? Do you want to be accepted, loved and included? Then stop taking actions to the contrary.

Today, I recognize that my actions dictate my true desires. I realize that I have the responsibility for how I show up in the world and I get to show the world how I want to be treated. I Love boldly. I boldly get Love back. When I show compassion, I feel compassion from others. There is a divine circulation to all things in this Universal Law. What I desire I show to others, Now. I AM Love, Peace, Compassion and Trust in this moment.

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