I guess in my life I have come to the conclusion that tearing everything down or blowing everything up is not the solution. But have you ever noticed that when something is out of balance in one of the Big Four – Health, Wealth, Relationships, or Creative Expression, then everything seems out of balance?

When I am worried about money for instance, I can’t bring myself to write creatively and when my body aches I am crabby in all of my relationships. When I was younger and in the throes of my addictive decline, I would blow everything up when one thing wasn’t in alignment. If I broke up with someone I would quit my job, abuse my body, move my residence and shut down creatively.

The good news in my life is that I can use this same connectedness to thrive abundantly in each of these areas. When I focus on improving my health by exercising or eating right, for instance, there is an almost immediate effect on improving my relationships and my creative expression. With this focus on the Good in my life, there is not the constant worry over this bill or that but I can see that there is improvement. When I focus on Good, positive, motion in my life then Good, positive things start happening more and more. That is Universal Principle – what I focus on and nurture – grows and gets stronger.

Today, I recognize that Universal Spirit allows me choice in how my life goes. I can choose to blow it up or choose to build it higher. I realize that I am no longer a victim of circumstance but can take an active role in creating my life EXACTLY as I desire it to be. I am so grateful for this awareness that I start affirming my desire right now. I AM Abundant. I AM Perfect Health. I Have beautiful relationships. God expresses as Me, now.

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