The other day I was talking to a friend about “God’s will for me” and found that it is sometimes difficult to explain. I guess it is easier to know what it isn’t than what it is. However, as I flow with life and realize that God is simply a natural flow of Universal Energy that connects all things and contains all things and is contained by all things I realize that it is all actually God’s will for my path in life. It is just that sometimes there are longer, steeper, more arduous paths and sometimes the path is smooth sailing. I have discussed this before, however, and I think that rather than this being a difference in God’s will and my will it is simply a matter of resistance.

In the words of the Borg “resistance is futile.” I am always amazed by just how much wisdom and Universal truth is contained in the saga of Star Trek. It is futile for me to resist what is truly mine to do especially once I know what it is.

Have you ever had one of those blinding flashes of truth where you were 100% certain you needed to do this one thing in life. Generally in the next few seconds, you set about a plan to resist, deny and defer this truth in your life. I know I have. But I no longer do.

Today, I recognize that there is a bigger, bolder plan that I am just now opening my eyes to. I realize that it is my choice to open or close my eyes, my mind and my heart and I choose to OPEN WIDE to the possibilities. I affirm what is possible for my life. I cast aside resistance knowing that it is a futile waste of energy. I AM Abundant. I AM a teacher. I AM Peace.