Being in the Medical field is sometimes dangerous. There are many occasions to diagnose myself with this or that ailment and I diligently attempt to refrain from this practice. However, there is a new dis-ease that I believe has attacked my body and has taken over my mind. I don’t think that I am the only one who has it and I am seeking, and finding, a cure. The dis-ease is called Busyinessitis. It is the inflammation and irritation caused from a swollen level of busyiness.

There is no NSAID pill or steroid shot that can take away the inflammation. The swelling is generally self-inflicted which makes it insidious to detect and treat. I usually is coupled with a profound sense of self-importance, co-dependence and the inability to say “no” for fear of rejection and a sense of unworthiness. The busyiness festers under the surface of your life until it somehow manifests in a way in which you don’t intend; resentment, anger, lashing out, or physical illness. The cure for this seemingly incurable dis-ease is PMS (Planning, Meditation, and Setting Priorities).

Lay out your life, on paper, and take a good look at what it is that you do on a daily or weekly basis that has you so “busy.” You may even find out that you are not busy at all but just waste a bunch of time and tell everyone how busy you are and make it true with that consciousness. On the other hand, you may find that you have said “yes” to a bunch of things that had you really reflected and meditated about it you would have said “no” to them. If this is the case, be careful. Removing festering busyiness must be done with care and with Grace. Recovery and healing take time and there needs to be a “treatment” plan.

Today, I recognize that there is a Universal Quality of Grace present in my life. I realize that I no longer need to react or retract with anger, frustration or sickness. I am so grateful today for the tools of planning, meditation and setting priorities in order to truly live the life I am meant to live and not just live out of a false sense of self. I AM boldly living my own life today. I AM partnered with Spirit. I AM at Ease.

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