Dr. George Baxter-Holder

About the Author

George Baxter-Holder, D.N.P.

About Dr. George as an author:
Dr. George Baxter-Holder grew up on Long Island and got his training in Seattle. He holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Duke University and a Masters in Nursing from the University of Washington. He started his own medical practice which focuses on wellness and beauty. Having lived a very colorful life, Dr. George is an Eagle Scout and has been an actor on Star Trek: The Next Generation and has battled drug addiction, criminal convictions, obesity, the IRS, and a Mexican drug cartel. He has been in recovery from drug addiction for many years after serving time on a three year sentence for drug possession. Today, he and his husband Travis live profoundly spiritual and intentional lives studying Religious Science and serving the community in many ways.

About Dr. George as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner:
Dr. George Baxter-Holder has spent the majority of his life in Seattle and has a deep love for this part of the country and its attitude towards wellness. He studied nursing at The University of Washington (Master of Nursing and Bachelor of Arts) and Duke University (Doctor of Nursing Practice.)

What makes George someone you can trust with your highest aesthetic needs, is something that can’t be taught: patience, artistic vision and medical expertise.

George has coined the phrase “The Northwest Natural Look” to encapsulate the conservative aesthetic results his clients desire. George’s expert technique and personalized approach reflect his innate understanding of what we in the Northwest want: to look better, naturally. George focuses on the wellness of his patients and truly believes that lifestyle changes are fundamental in order to sustain good health and an improved quality of life. Perceived inner and outer beauty is equally essential to the wholeness of the individual. His positive energy and motivation is engaging and empowers his patients to love themselves and truly love the skin within.

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