Drugs, Food, Sex and God

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Though not all of us have experienced the same traumatic highs and lows chronicled in this book, all of us can relate to Dr. George’s story. His story is about finding courage — about letting go of the past, taking charge of the present, and being the architect of one’s own future.

Justice Bobbe Bridge

Founding President/CEO, Center for Children and Youth Justice

Drugs, Food, Sex and God:

An addicted drug dealer goes from convict to doctor through the power of intention

How does a person face towering obstacles come out on the other end stronger, happier, and more successful? From a life of drug dealing to life as a doctor, from addiction to sex and drugs to healing and abundance, from days confined in the darkness of a prison cell to days spent helping empower others, Dr. George Baxter-Holder takes us on a profoundly personal and inspirational journey.

Through his own experiences he shows what it means to live a life that is truly free and guided by intention. No matter how far you feel your life has spiraled out of control, be the problem money, drugs, food, sex, or co-dependency, you can put a stop to your freefall and begin the very intentional climb up to a life of freedom, love, and unspeakable joy. In this self-help memoir, Dr. George lays out his life and in so doing, shows readers how to reclaim their own lives.

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It takes a brave man to slay dragons! But it takes a stronger man to defeat his own demons lurking within. Dr. George is both a demon and dragon slayer of the bravest kind.

Eure Wesley

Author, Actor, and Producer

This story is bold, raw, honest, and inspiring. Dr. George has traversed the depths of the human experience, walked through the dark night of the soul, and come out on the other side proving that the Spirit is ever victorious. This is a must-read!

Mark Anthony Lord

Creator of Pride 2.0, Author of The Seven Living Words and Thou Shall Not Suffer

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