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This inner sight and inner knowing is spiritual muscle. Like with any muscle it has to be used or it will atrophy. What are the “glasses” that I can use on my internal sight? Affirmation, meditation, consciousness can all help with seeing clearly that I am a Perfect, whole harmonious being. Making a daily commitment to Love and gratitude is another way I can exercise these muscles. What are the words I use to the world and to the mirror?

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Do you accept, love, appreciate the view of your life right now? Can you see how you got to this point and enjoy the process of growth and change or are you in the “middle” of it…crossing the fold into a new perspective. There is a Divine pattern to my life but it is unfolded according to the tendency of my thought about it.

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I ask myself, “who are ‘they?’” Who truly is the other in my life that is against me? When I take an honest assessment of this question it is challenging to place a name or a face to the question. So why then does it seem to be true that there is conflict? Is it really just inside my mind?

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What are those subtle signs that everything is going to be okay? Some people have spiritual signposts that let them know they are on the right track; seeing hummingbirds, a certain song, a random number like 33, a bible passage. If you were to have some physical evidence from the Universe as a way of communicating that everything was right, perfect and on track today what would that evidence be?

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It really does come down to consciousness and mindfulness. What I put my attention on grows in importance in my life. My decision to quit smoking was a very conscious and very mindful decision and I reconfirm that decision every day with a deep breath and “thank you.”

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This is a fundamental reason for meditation and affirmation. What is my true desire? How do I want the world to view me? What active steps can I take to be the person doing the things that most makes my heart sing with joy. For me, I had to stop running in circles telling everyone how busy my life was and how crazy things were.

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