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What is MY Part, What can I Do?

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One of the centering thoughts for a recent meditation I was doing stated, “As I elevate my abundance consciousness, I do my part to heal the world.” It got me thinking about what my part was and was I doing it? Was I doing enough? Am I doing my part to heal the world...
Patience is a change in Perspective

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As difficult as it is to admit, I am not a very patient person. For as much as I have wondered why that is I think that I should have gotten the answer to that by now. The other day, for instance, I planted Cosmo seeds. It pains me to say it but literally, I looked in...
There is Power in the “I AM ____________” of your life. Choose your Power.

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How would you describe yourself right now? This moment look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I am ______.” Is it a declaration that is life giving and beautiful? Or is it a self-deprecating message from some dark recess of your past? In this moment I simultaneously...